As a gesture of our commitment to environmental sustainability, ME Accountants are delighted to announce that we have donated 100 trees to Trees that Count. These trees will be planted at a project run by the charity at the foot of Pirongia Mountain, helping to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

26Ha block, including 8Ha in QEII covenant, and other less healthy bush blocks, half in grazing. We plan to restore the other bush blocks, and plant up to another 10Ha back into native bush- particularly the steep slopes.

The Trees That Count planting projects is on a farm and forest block on the foothills of Mt Pirongia in the Waikato. Over 8Ha is already protected in a QEII covenant and is a mix of semi-mature and regenerating native bush flanking the lovely Mangawawe Stream.

Trees That Count Project’s initial Ecological survey by Ecological Potential confirms that this property is significant already with the broad species range in the QEII block, and the Trees That Count Project hope to plant native forests of a similar quality. The Trees That Count planting plan has been created with the help of Wayne Bennett of Forest Flora NZ. Trees That Count plan to plant the steep slopes of the grazing areas, hopefully up to 10 Ha in total. 2022 saw the Trees That Count Project concentrating on weed control, but Trees That Count have managed to plant our first 2 paddocks- about 4500m2, and over 800 trees. Trees That Count would like to plant at least a hectare per year for the next 5-8 years, retaining the better pasture for dry stock grazing. A separate 2.1Ha block of wilding pines have been poisoned and hopefully most of this will regenerate naturally. The Trees That Count Projectwill scatter canopy trees in here in the ‘off’ planting season once the needles have all dropped.